Oro Rotarians mobilize for CoVid-19 Front Liners

Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban

The Rotary Clubs of Cagayan de Oro are mobilizing their resources to answer the call for assistance in securing urgently needed medical supplies for the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), the only COVID-19 referral hospital in Region.

One of the clubs, the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban, delivered to NMMC some of the much needed supplies and continues to procure and locally produce others for the hospital’s front liners.

RC Cdo Rotarians, led by Pres Julino Dulfo and Rotary Anns of Pres Joy ! Josephine Carumba Dumlao, give to NMMC

“Although I’ve been staying in my room since the second week of March, I still managed to discharge my duties as president of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban and Chairman of the Zone 1 Council of Presidents, Rotary International District 3871 with 13 clubs,” said Rosalinda M. Caragos.

Through their internet chat rooms, Caragos, who is the wife of the late Salvador Caragos, Past District Governor of Rotary International District 3871, called for donations for the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) and the various clubs responded.

These acrylic intubation boxes were fabricated by RC CDO East Urban members upon the request of NMMC doctors.

 “We have been regularly supplying NMMA with their urgently needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs). Initially we turned over 8 boxes of isolation gowns (with 50 sets per box), and when they asked for more, we sent raincoats, hundreds of face masks, gallons of alcohol and chlorine, soap, et al.”

RC of Cagayan de Oro Premiere was one of the first clubs to quickly respond to call for donations for NMMC and were one of the first to deliver the initial goods for the front liners, after the RC of Cagayan de Oro (Mother Club) which was the first to deliver urgently needed medical supplies and PPEs to the region’s only CoVid-19 Referral Hospital. They also called on their peers and colleagues to donate extra alcohol, disinfectants and goods for the front liners

“Now NMMC are asking for 50 acrylic intubation boxes to protect the doctors and the RC Opol and RC West CDO are now making them,” Caragos added.

This 12 yr old girl and her Rotarian mom made 98 face shields which were donated to NMMC.

She  related how one of their members and her 12-year old daughter, hand-made face shields which are due for delivery along with a few more face masks arriving soon through the coordination of the club committee chair, her daughter Stephanie Caragos and co-chair Pam Navarro-Salon.

We are now waiting for over 100 goggles, four dozen raincoats and 98 face shields which are due for delivery,” Stephanie said. “We are also waiting for the delivery of face masks we ordered, hopefully they will arrive this week.”

Receiving the first batch of donated medical supplies and PPEs at NMMC from RC CDO East Urban.

Lately, RC East Urban has also started delivering supplies and PPE to the J.R. Borja General Hospital at Bgy. Carmen which is owned and operated by the city government,  which also requested assistance in procuring the urgently needed items.

RC Uptown, through, AG Mitchel Dennis Gonzalez bought 6 boxes of Isolation gowns at 50 sets per box, while RCEU- got 2 boxes

“Some of our members in RC CDO East Urban sends us funds whenever we need more money to buy materials and supplies. RC of CDO also granted our request to re-allocate the grant money they recently received from RI for this purpose.” (RMB)


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