CDO Filipino-Chinese Community donations to NMMC breach P4.3-M

NMMC Chief Dr. Jose Chan receives the 5th batch of donations from the CDO Filipino-Chinese Community headed by Pres. Sonny Choi April 7 at the Cagayan Town Center. (photo courtesy of Jeffrey Ang)

Cagayan de Oro’s Filipino-Chinese Community showed its unequivocal support for the city’s battle against the CoVid-19 coronavirus with its biggest donation yet to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center on April 7.

The group headed by President Sonny Choi and COVID-19 Response Committee Chairman Efren Uy turned over to NMMC Medical Director Dr. Jose Chan 1,980 sets of PPEs each worth P1,500 with a total value of  P 2,970,000.00 and 500 pieces of N95 face masks each worth P130.00 valued at P65,000.00 for a total donation of P3,035,000.00.

Northern Mindanao Medical Center Chief Dr. Jose Chan expresses his thanks to the CDO Filipino-Chinese Community for their continued support to NMMC Frontliners (photo courtesy of Jeffrey Ang)

With this latest donation, the community’s collective donations to NMMC comes to a total of P4,304,000.00, excluding donations also made to the city owned and operated J.R. Borja General Hospital (JRBGH).

The NMMC is the only hospital in Region X with the capability to test and treat CONVID-19 Patients Under Investigation (PUI).

Under the strategy adopted by the Regional and City Health offices, COVID-19 patients are exclusively referred to NMMC, while JRBGH and other private hospitals take in as many non-COVID cases as they can accommodate to give NMMC’s personnel and facilities as much slack as possible to deal with the outbreak.

From March 23 to April 6, the CDO Filipino-Chinese Community had previously donated to NMMC on four separate occasions urgently needed PPEs and medical supplies collectively valued at P1,269,000.00.

NMMC Center Chief Dr Jose Chan receives from the CDO Filipino-Chinese Community PPEs and N95 face masks worth P3.035-M for NMMC frontliners.
(photo courtesy of Jeffrey Ang)

The initial shipment consisted of 60 cartons rubbing alcohol and sanitizing gel, two units knapsack sprayer, 12 pails disinfectant solution (chlorine), safety goggles, rubber boots, protective raincoats with pants, face shields, and 50 cartons disposable water tissues/paper towels collectively valued at P365,00.00

This was followed on March 28 by 480 set plastic rain coats worth P250.00 each valued at P120,000.00.00 and 800 locally made face shields worth P80.00each and valued at  P64,000.00 for P184,000.00 for the entire batch.

On April 3, the group turned over 250 sets of PPEs made in Korea worth P1,800.00 each valued at P450,000.00 followed on April 6 by 100 sets PPEs made in China worth P 1,300.00 each valued at P150,000.00 and 200 sets of 5M brand PPE kit worth P600.00 each valued at P120,000.00 or P270,000.00 total.

The fifth batch of donations to NMMC worth P3.035-M from the CDO Filipino-Chinese Community consists of 1,980 sets of PPEs and 500 pieces of N95 face masks.
(photo courtesy of Jeffrey Ang)

The Filipino-Chinese Community of Cagayan de Oro includes 21 community organizations, including family associations, chambers of commerce, schools, martial arts, civic and religious fraternities. 

These including the following: Misamis Oriental Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.;  Mindanao Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in the Philippines; Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.; Cagayan de Oro You We Tong Civic & Religious Fraternity, Inc.Oro Christian Grace SchoolMisamis Oriental Liong Tek Fraternity Association, Inc.; Sejo-Lim Family Association-Northern Mindanao ChapterCagayan de Oro Bell Church Foundation, Inc.Kong Hua SchoolCagayan de Oro Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc.Phil. Wushu Federation-Cagayan de Oro ChapterPhil. Kim Mun Association-Misamis Oriental Chapter Cagayan Gospel Church Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese Amity Club;  Cagayan de Oro San Lorenzo Filipino-Chinese Catholic CommunityPhilippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.-Misamis Oriental ChapterPhilippine Chinese High School Alumni Association-Cagayan de Oro ChapterMisamis Oriental Progressive Mason Temple, Inc.; Kong Hua School, Inc.; and the Chee Kung Tong Chinese Free Mason Misamis Oriental Branch.


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