Sixteen Air Raids in Eight Months

Cagayan, Misamis Oriental   Sept 1944-May 1945

From September 9, 1944 to May 10, 1945, US Army Air Force, Navy and Marine aircraft bombed Cagayan de Misamis in Misamis Oriental and its immediate areas no less than sixteen times in a span of eight months.

Why the apparent rural backwater that Cagayan was during the Second World War merited such attention from the rampaging US air forces prior to the imminent liberation of the Philippines is not immediately apparent.… Continue reading... “Sixteen Air Raids in Eight Months”

Cebu Pacific welcomes second ATR freighter

Adds to its growing fleet of dedicated cargo  

Photo by Sabena Technics

Leading Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB) recently took delivery of its second ATR cargo freighter, further strengthening its cargo operations to and from domestic airports with short runways. At present, only a third of the airports in the Philippines can accommodate jet aircraft, while the rest can only be served by turboprops.  … Continue reading... “Cebu Pacific welcomes second ATR freighter”

Oro Chamber 2020-2021 Looking Back, Looking Forward

The month of January is named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology, who presided over passages, doors, gates and endings, as well as in transitional periods such as from war to peace. He was usually depicted as having two faces looking at opposite ways, one towards the past and the other towards the future.… Continue reading... “Oro Chamber 2020-2021 Looking Back, Looking Forward”

FWD launches Newest digital Affiliate Program App

Share. Protect. Earn. 
Everyone wins with financial inclusion via FWD’s Affiliate Program 

FWD Insurance is excited to announce the launch of a digital ecosystem that rewards everyone for doing good by way of sharing financial life skills and helping bridge the protection gap in the country. 

The groundbreaking FWD Affiliate Program is a first in the market.… Continue reading... “FWD launches Newest digital Affiliate Program App”

DOST rallies behind ORAS PINAS, the new Filipino Time

To synchronize all timepieces across the country’s more than 7,100 islands, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) unveiled the new “ORAS PINAS” in compliance to the Philippine Standard Time (PST). Previously dubbed as “Juan Time”, the ORAS PINAS campaign aims to promote the PST nationwide and ‘sync’ timepieces with the PST, the new Filipino Time.… Continue reading... “DOST rallies behind ORAS PINAS, the new Filipino Time”

Water is coming to Natumolan, Tagoloan

Barangay Natumolan in the Municipality of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental will be enjoying potable water piped straight to their households in a year or so.

Natumolan is the 5th largest barangay of Tagoloan with a total area of 622 hectares and also its fifth most populated with a population of 7,674 (2010 Census).… Continue reading... “Water is coming to Natumolan, Tagoloan”

The Macajalar Bay Landing and the Liberation of Mindanao

It’s ironic how some seven going on eight decades down the road, many Kagay-anons remain unaware that it was their own compatriots who liberated Cagayan, Misamis from the Japanese on 12 May 1945 and not the Americans.

So while we still enjoy a modicum of attention following the recent 75thAnniversary of Cagayan’s Liberation (albeit a muted one at that) let’s take a look back at how things were unfolding at that time and how come guerrillas, rather than American soldiers, liberated the town from the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA).… Continue reading... “The Macajalar Bay Landing and the Liberation of Mindanao”