Two of Cagayan de Oro’s heritage advocacy groups have joined hands to present a complementary presentation of their respective genres in one show.

Dubbed Kabilin (for Legacy), the art exhibit is the brainchild of Oro Creative and Cucina Higala and will open at 5PM on Friday, April 16 and will run up to Sunday, May 16 at the Mezzanine Floor of Cucina Higala.

The Kabilin Exhibit will be held at Cucina Higala’s Mezzanine Floor.

Oro Creative is a group of creative individuals a with strong sense of artistic and design sensibilities,” said exhibit curator Chris Gomez. “We aim is to establish the culture, art, design and heritage of our city and region by providing a platform and avenue to showcase, mentor, empower and inspire aspiring artists by promoting good and best practices in Northern Mindanao.”

Besides Gomez, the group also includes visual artists Patrick Gabutina, Cocoy Bajuyo and Mike Bacol.

Oro Creative is composed of (left to right) Chris Gomez, Cocoy Bajuyo, Patrick Gabutina and Mike Bacol.

“Oro Creative will curate the exhibit in partnership with Cucina Higala since Jan Uy offered the place for artists,” Gomez said. “Since Cucina Higala offers heritage dishes, it would be a good experience for their customers who will get to experience the art and culture of Northern Mindanao in one sitting at one venue.”

“As you may have noted from our tagline, Cucina Higala is an advocate of Mindanao Heritage Dishes, said Jan Michael Uy, Cucina Higala president. “We also support local Mindanao artists because we believe food and art plays a crucial role in bringing Mindanao to the global scene.”

Kabilin will feature selected upcoming artists like Mier Castrillo, Tin Fajardo, Dirkie Roa-Dabay, Nonilo Ramoso, and established ones including Nonoy Estarte, Ivan Macarambon, Ryan Carreon, Nicolas Aca, Oca Floirendo, Gomez, Gabutina, Bacol and Bajuyo.

“These series of curated exhibitions will be held throughout this quarter,” Gomez noted. “After Kabilin, I’ll be curating Nonoy Estate’s one-man exhibit. Again, we want to showcase Cagayan’s pride and culture of diverse artistic mileage. This will be followed by an all-women’s show in June.”


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  1. Can’t wait to see how these artists of varied genre, particularly that of Nic Aca, Ryan Carreon, Nonoy Estarte, and Pat Gabutina, have internalized and depict the legacies of our ancestors in Northern Mindanao through their creative works.

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