Well-written for children said the pediatrician, and a heartwarming story about patience, love, and charity according to the teacher.

“I like how Oozy did tricks [for] the children,” said a child.

A children’s book written by a Kagay-anon doctor in Delaware, USA, and her sister in Cagayan de Oro, has earned praise from an American pediatrician, a Filipino elementary school teacher, and a child who has read the book.

Dr. Jona Gorra, a successful medical internist based in Sussex County, Delaware, and her sister, Annie Gorra, the author of The Mystery on 17th Street, wrote the book.

Entitled Dr. Oozy, it’s about a cat who wants to become a doctor but faced the challenge of having no hands and arms like humans.

“I cannot hold children with my paws,” he thought sadly. He persevered with his dream, and his perseverance gave him an opportunity that he never expected.

Janina Bianca G. Veron, a teacher at Everest International Academy in Metro Manila lauded the book for its “heartwarming story about patience, love, and charity.”

“A reminder that everyone is vital to their community,” she said.

Dr. Vibha Sanwal, a pediatrician in Delaware, USA, said that Dr Oozy is an “excellent book and is well-written for children.”

“It will bring a smile to their faces,” she said.

She added that the book “conveys a very important message about the need for personal interaction between children and animals, which is easy to be overlooked in today’s world of virtual interactions.”

The child, who read the book, loved the characters, Oozy, his sister, Buki, and their human companions, Dr Joy and Dr Ryan.

“I love how Oozy almost gave up [but] he didn’t and Oozy got his dream come true,” said the child.

The book is beautifully done and the drawings are very attractive and colourful and will appeal to children between the ages of 2 and 6. It was illustrated by Jennifer Pacuma, a local artist.

The book is published by Two Bamboos Publishing OPC, a self-publishing company based in Cagayan de Oro, with the email address of bamboos.publishing@gmail.com.

The book is available on print or ebook on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Oozy-Jona-Gorra/dp/B09P8KJTJM.

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