Time was when it was usual for events needing trophies for awarding for sports and other milestones to sashay down to the city’s awards crafts stores and simply order a slew of trophies off the shelf.

But a Butuan-based artisanal firm which recently opened their first branch at SM CDO Downtown Premier aims to change that.

CEO Kit Gresos, one of Butuan City’s master sculptors, said  Papelemento Visual Arts And Scenography can now offer its clients made-to-order artisanal trophies and similar products which embody each client’s unique concepts.

“I saw the need in the market for customized arts and crafts, and perceived it as an opportunity to bring fresh ideas to products which have gone stale and formulaic,” Kit said in a phone interview.

“Since I am a sculpture, I thought I could tap the market for specific designs of my clients who want something unique and not commonplace. I saw there weren’t many into that niche and those into it were just very few,” he added.

After seven years of existence, Papelemento has just opened its first branch at the 3rd floor of SM CDO Downtown Premier.

“Business has been up and down the last seven years, but even during the pandemic we managed to survive and we even expanded our work force,” Kit admits. “Since we were unique, people had no alternative other than approach us.”

Creative Process

Papelemento is a creative business that hand crafts handicraft/personalized souvenirs,  corporate awards, trophies, plaques, mementos and other creative projects such as  stage design/scenography and sculptures, home accents and wall decors.

New designs Q3- 2021

It’s the creative process which mostly attracts Papelemento’s clients from sectors, government and the private sector to its unique business style.

“Our business model has evolved over the years. If a client orders from us online or through our physical store, we first try to grasp his concept. If he doesn’t have a concept, we help him create one which fits his needs and wants. Then we make a preliminary design, using photoshop. After further consultations to input any of the client’s preferred alterations, we have him approve it and develop a clay prototype.”

Papelemento’s unique products are mostly made of fiberglass resins. As a relatively vulnerable material, automotive paints are used to make them color fast. However, these have passed the tests of time as proven by the firm’s fiberglass landmarks which have withstood the vagaries of weather outdoors.

It also utilizes papier mache, epoxy, glue, acrylic on canvass for paintings and paintings on plates.

While its landmarks and memorials are not cheap, P 85,000 (bust) and P50,000+ (bas relief), trophies which are pegged P10K have been priced down to as low as  P2,500.00 or even P1,500-1,800 for a firm order of 30 pieces or more.


As an IT graduate of Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) in Butuan, Kit’s creative juices were inspired as a stage performer doing theatre when they had to do their own props and costumes.

“This inclinations helped me make it through college as a working student for my own business doing stage designs, props and costumes. I still do it now but we only do limited scenography done by my own staff,” Kit said.

While Papelemento Butuan is a family owned corporation, the company has invited investors for its CDO Branch who are mostly artists and  entrepreneurs who saw its potential from Cebu, Butuan, and from among close friends, classmates in CDO.

Interested parties can pay a virtual visit to its social media page Papelemento https://www.facebook.com/papelemento or visit its bricks and mortar main store at 929 NB Building, Ochoa Avenue, Butuan City or Cagayan de Oro Branch at the 3rd floor of SM CDO Downtown Premier, or call tel.no.  63 85 817-7117, mobile +63 9966-702-1243 or email: papelemento@gmail.com).


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