The Philippines largest industrial estate marked another milestone towards its 50th Anniversary this August with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority (PHIVIDEC- IA) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) marks a pivotal moment in the lead-up to PHIVIDEC-IA’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations in August 2024.

Held March 11, 2024, at the 3rd Floor Auditorium, PHIVIDEC Administration Building, the MOA formalizes the activation of one Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit Active Auxiliary (CAA-II) Company, to secure the PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate in Misamis Oriental (PIE-MO), underscoring the shared commitment between PHIVIDEC IA and the AFP towards security and the well-being of stakeholders.

Signing Ceremony for the activation of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit Active Auxiliary (CAA-II) with (L-R) LTC Christian C. Uy, INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer, 58IB, 4ID, PA; MGen Jose Maria R. Cuerpo II, PA, 4ID Commander, PA; Atty. Joseph Donato J. Bernedo, Administrator & CEO, Phividec Industrial Authority; and BGen Adonis Ariel G. Orio, PA, Commander, 402nd Brigade, 4ID, PA.

PHIVIDEC-IA was represented by Administrator and CEO Atty.  Joseph Donato J. Bernedo, while the AFP was represented by 4th Infantry Division Commander MGen. Jose Maria R. Cuerpo II (PA). BGen. Adonis Ariel G. Orio, 402nd Brigade Commander, and  LTC Christian C. Uy, 58IB Commander, witnessed the signing.

Atty. Benjamin C. Medrano, Security Officer V, PHIVIDEC-IA Safety & Security Division (SSD).

“We are very pleased and happy that we are pushing through with the MOA signing for the activation of the CAFGU a year after we lost our security provider,” said Atty. Benjamin C. Medrano, Security Officer V, PHIVIDEC-IA Safety & Security Division (SSD), in his welcome remarks. “It’s just fitting that our signing here today is one of the highlights leading to the 50th Anniversary celebration of Phividec this coming August.”

Fulfilling PHIVIDEC-IA’s Mission

The activation of the CAA-II Company aligns with PHIVIDEC-IA’s mission to preserve and enhance the well-being of its stakeholders.

After two failed biddings to find a new security provider because the terms of the TOR could not be met, the PHIVIDEC IA board agreed to explore other options.

Defense Secretary Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr. (DND photo)

Defense Secretary Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr. suggested to Atty. Bernedo to tap the CAA-II, since as an attached agency of the Defense Dept., Phividec can be considered a DND facility. Eventually, PHIVIDEC-IA made representations with the 4th Infantry Division.

“We are very thankful for all the support, the assistance and the openness of the 4th Infantry Division led by its commander, Major General Cuerpo, in helping us tap the CAA-II and finally we are here at the signing,” Bernedo said.

“We consider this signing one of the significant milestones in our 50th Anniversary because the main purpose and mandate of the PHIVIDEC for its creation is to ensure the welfare and well-being of our beloved and revered  veterans and retirees of the AFP. From its name alone, Philippine Veterans Investment and Development Corporation, it is very clear PHIVIDEC-IA was created for the benefit of our veterans and retirees,” he further stressed.

MGen Jose Ma Cuerpo II and Atty Joseph Donato J. Bernedo exchange signed copies of the MOA. (photo courtesy of James Murillo Elaco)

“Thus, the institution of the CAA-II is the very embodiment of taking care of our retirees from the AFP. Through the CAA-II, our retirees can have the opportunity to work and be employed even after their retirement, and have the opportunity to be part of the security force that can safeguard and protect Phividec Industrial Estate,” he noted.

Under the MOA, eligible retired military personnel may apply, qualify, be trained by the 4th ID, and eventually be deployed as security force of the PHIVIDEC-IA. Thus, they will be able to enjoy wages, Philhealth and Pag-IBIG coverage, and such other benefits that may apply under the agreement.

Veterans Federation of the Philppines Region 10 members join the 77th Anniversary Commemoration of Cagayan de Oro Liberation Day.

Notably, a substantial number of the deployed CAA-IIs at the PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate Misamis Oriental (PIE-MO) will be retired military veterans, emphasizing the commitment to their continued service to the community.

“Retired army personnel bring a unique set of qualities to the table – leadership, adaptability, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to duty. These attributes are invaluable assets that can significantly enrich various sectors of our economy. By actively seeking to employ these veterans, we not only honor their service but also tap into a pool of talent that has been honed under diverse and challenging circumstances,” Bernedo noted.

“Creating job opportunities for retired army personnel is not just an act of gratitude; it is an investment in our collective future. These individuals possess a wealth of experience in fields such as logistics, strategic planning, and crisis management – skills that are transferable and highly beneficial to numerous industries such as PHIVIDEC-IA. By harnessing this reservoir of expertise, we can enhance productivity, efficiency, and innovation across various sectors,” he further stressed.

Reinforcing AFP’s Stake

The MOA signing strengthens the relationship between PHIVIDEC-IA and the AFP, underlining the AFP’s vested interest in PHIVIDEC-IA as an attached agency of the Department of National Defense. This collaboration emphasizes a joint effort to address security requirements and contribute to the overall development and safety of the region.


Security in PIE-MO: The activation of the CAA-II Company aims to ensure the security of the 3,000 hectare  PIE-MO by maintaining peace and order, protecting communities, and supporting government initiatives to address security threats.

The CAA-II Co will be composed of120 security personnel, the same number that the security agency which policed the estate before had deployed. However, the CAA-II Company will be reinforced with other partners in patrolling the estate such as the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine National Police, and even internally by the PHIVIDEC-IA Veterans Affairs and Community Relations Division (VCARD) to assist in connecting with its different communities.

Qualified Army personnel and their dependents from the 4th Infantry Division who are retiring and being separated may also apply for employment opportunities in PHIVIDEC-IA and the companies within the estate under the Philippine Army Transition Assistance Program.

“All these personnel assist in securing the estate. Our investors and locators have their own security personnel who guard their facilities and plants. So from our study, the 120 security personnel are sufficient for our plans. However, our CAA-II agreement also provides we can secure additional personnel should the situation call for it. In addition, we shall also be acquiring additional materials like CCTV, drones, and communications equipment to cover the estate,” Bernedo explained.

“Although we see no immediate threats to the estate, it is the role of our CAA-II Company to deter any threats that may arise since PIE-MO hosts multi-million investments which are vital to the economy,” Cuerpo said. “It is the prime duty of our security sector to protect it, of which we are a part, in partnership with other security organizations like the PNP, Coast Guard, the Philippine Navy, and Philippine Air Force.

As provided in the MOA, although the CAA-II is under the Philippine Army, for unity of command, operational control and supervision, will be turned over to the PHIVIDEC-IA Administrator, and Safety and Security Division under Atty. Medrano. However, the CAA-II will still answer for their command to the 4ID, as well as for their training.  

Formalizing Agreement

The MOA signing serves the specific objective of formalizing the agreement between PHIVIDEC-IA and the AFP, establishing a framework for collaboration and shared responsibilities in achieving security objectives.

This event not only marks a milestone in the journey of PHIVIDEC-IA but also underscores the commitment to collaborative efforts for the security and prosperity of the region.


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