31st Anniversary of the 1990 Mindanao crisis

October 4, 2021 is the 31st Anniversary of the 1990 Mindanao Crisis, better known hereabouts as the Alexander Noble Mutiny.

It was counted as the seventh of the 1986-1990 coup attempts against the government of President Corazon C. Aquino and lasted from October 4-6, 1990 in the Northern Mindanao cities of Butuan, Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.… Continue reading... “31st Anniversary of the 1990 Mindanao crisis”

The Boy Scout who met MacArthur at Macabalan

This quaint vignette from World War II may not qualify for inclusion in many of our history books, but it’s an interesting footnote in  history from a time many prefer to forget, but Boy Scouts from around the world may long want to remember.

That’s because it involves a Boy Scout from Cagayan in 1942 and a global icon who is probably the most famous and most familiar with history buffs of the Pacific Theatre.… Continue reading... “The Boy Scout who met MacArthur at Macabalan”

Paras Clan celebrates Tia Nanang’s 100th

Victorina Mesina Magbag was born on February 25, 1921, the eldest daughter of Sebastian Guzman Magbag and Salome Suarez Mesina who both were from San Fernando, Pampanga. She is fondly called by her nickname Nanang. She has 4 brothers and 5 sisters namely, Alejandro, Jose, Leonardo , Emmanuel, Juanita, Cristanita, Salome, Nicena and Rita.Continue reading... “Paras Clan celebrates Tia Nanang’s 100th”

Filipino space engineers make history with Maya-2 CubeSat launch

The country witnessed another historic moment as its second cube satellite (CubeSat) Maya-2 was successfully launched to the  International Space Station (ISS) Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 1:36 A.M. (PHT) aboard the S.S. Katherine Johnson Cynus spacecraft.

S.S. Katherine Johnson lifts off. Screenshot from NASA Live feed , February 21, 2021 (Sunday) PHT

Sending the satellite into the ISS is the final step before the satellite reaches its targeted altitude in Low Earth Orbit, when the space station deploys it at a date to be determined later.… Continue reading... “Filipino space engineers make history with Maya-2 CubeSat launch”

THIS WEEK IN LOCAL HISTORY: 122nd Anniversary of the Fiesta Nacional in Cagayan de Misamis

The 10th of January 2021 will be the 122nd Anniversary of the first raising of the Filipino flag at the Casa Real when the five-man Concejo Provincial of the revolutionary government assumed office. 

Reproduction of an old photograph of the Casa Real, the residence of the Governador of Cagayan de Misamis during the Spanish Colonial Period.
Continue reading... “THIS WEEK IN LOCAL HISTORY: 122nd Anniversary of the Fiesta Nacional in Cagayan de Misamis”

Freight & Supply Ships at the 1945 Macajalar Bay Landing

Return to the Philippines

While doing further research on “FS ships” for an article I previously posted online and was updating with new in information (The Macajalar Bay Landing and the Liberation of Mindanao), I came across a very interesting post “ The Passenger-Cargo ex-“FS” Ships of the Philippines” posted on August 13, 2016 by The Philippine Ship Spotters’ Society (PSSS).… Continue reading... “Freight & Supply Ships at the 1945 Macajalar Bay Landing”

Sixteen Air Raids in Eight Months

Cagayan, Misamis Oriental   Sept 1944-May 1945

From September 9, 1944 to May 10, 1945, US Army Air Force, Navy and Marine aircraft bombed Cagayan de Misamis in Misamis Oriental and its immediate areas no less than sixteen times in a span of eight months.

Why the apparent rural backwater that Cagayan was during the Second World War merited such attention from the rampaging US air forces prior to the imminent liberation of the Philippines is not immediately apparent.… Continue reading... “Sixteen Air Raids in Eight Months”

The Macajalar Bay Landing and the Liberation of Mindanao

It’s ironic how some seven going on eight decades on, many Kagay-anons remain unaware that it was their own compatriots who liberated Cagayan, Misamis from the Japanese on 12 May 1945 and not the Americans.

It’s important to note that the Macajalar Landing be understood in the context of the entire strategy to liberate the entire island of Mindanao, (and not merely Cagayan), which practically fell into the hands of the guerrillas due to a confluence of planned events.… Continue reading... “The Macajalar Bay Landing and the Liberation of Mindanao”

Two Battles for Purple Heart Canyon (1942 & 1945)

Four Days of Hell in May

Probably one of the most intriguing tales to come out of Bukidnon during World War II were the two battles fought in Mangima Canyon in 1942 and 1945.

In the first instance, the Mindanao Force of the United States Army Forces Far East (USAFFE) under Lt.… Continue reading... “Two Battles for Purple Heart Canyon (1942 & 1945)”

Early History of the Oro Chamber

Through the years, Oro Chamber has remained one of the leading local chambers of commerce in the Philippines.

It is the first “Hall of Fame Awardee” of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (PCCI) and was the first to host the 1st Mindanao Business Conference (MINBIZCON) in 1992, and again hosted it in 1994, 2003, 2010 and 2017.… Continue reading... “Early History of the Oro Chamber”