Fr. Mars Tan is the new Xavier Ateneo President

Fr. Bobby Yap is the new Ateneo de Manila University President

Effective August 1, 2020 Fr Mars P Tan SJ assumes his new important mission of leadership as President of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan.

Fr Mars succeeds Fr Roberto “Bobby” C Yap SJ who also takes the reins of Ateneo de Manila University on the same date. … Continue reading... “Fr. Mars Tan is the new Xavier Ateneo President”

Oro’s Nic Aca joins Virtual GO ON International Performance Art Festival Online

As the separation between public and private changes, the space of the alleyway begins to take on new meanings and serve new functions.

The laneway; or side street, alley, back street, or byway comes to represent that transitional space between the home and the street, between the crowded main routes and the safety of isolation off the beaten path.… Continue reading... “Oro’s Nic Aca joins Virtual GO ON International Performance Art Festival Online”

How Philippine Mahogany helped win the War for the Allies

Actually, we’re paraphrasing US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s remarks in a 1964 interview with author Stephen E. Ambrose when he said, “Andrew Higgins is the man who won the war for us.”

But first, to recall the serendipity which brought us to Andrew Higgins. As a group of friends dedicated to putting Cagayan de Oro City on the world map of World War II history for the small but significant role it played in General Douglas MacArthur’s Breakout from Corregidor to Australia on March 11-17, 1942, we were all fascinated by the PT Boats that brought the general, his family and general staff safely through the Imperial Japanese Navy blockade.… Continue reading... “How Philippine Mahogany helped win the War for the Allies”

A young guerrilla’s eyewitness account

Defending Dipolog April 1945

The Battle of Dipolog is an interesting study of World War II in the Pacific Theatre, because not only was it a small scale showcase of the American armed forces joint operation tactics to retake its Philippine territories from the Imperial Japanese Army, featuring close coordination not only between the US Army, Navy and Marines but even more strategic, how the intelligence on the ground and support from local Filipino-American guerrillas contributed to the eventual victory.… Continue reading... “A young guerrilla’s eyewitness account”

The Forgotten Katipunan Revolt in Mindanao

Mutiny at Calaganan

It remains little known to this day, but Misamis  was the  only  region in Mindanao  which actively  joined  the  Katipunan  revolt against  Spain.

On September 29, 1896, 350  revolucionarios,  including 50 Bukidnon lumads, overwhelmed the Spanish garrison  and raided the armory of the Fuerza Real de Nueva Victoria in Calaganan, (present-day Balo-i, Lanao del Norte).… Continue reading... “The Forgotten Katipunan Revolt in Mindanao”

Facing the New Normal with Hope and Panache

Shining On

Probably nothing has symbolized the coronavirus pandemic more than the ubiquitous face mask.

It has become the prevalent symbol of both despair and hope: despair that things will never be the same from here on, and hope that even now without yet a proven cure or vaccine, wearing a face mask is one of the best things one can do to protect oneself from being infected.… Continue reading... “Facing the New Normal with Hope and Panache”

Cagayan de Oro’s Square Garden

70th Adlaw Kagay-an Feature

Did you know our pre-Spanish Kagay-anon ancestors once had their own version of the famous Madison Square Garden?

Gaston Park was known as the Parque before World War II. (Kagay-an Kaniadto)

Present-day Kagay-anons will be proud of the fact that they share a common bond with their 15th century forefathers-they all have, at one time or another, taken a stroll along our local square.… Continue reading... “Cagayan de Oro’s Square Garden”

The story of that B-17 that crash landed at Patag in 1941

Come Hell or High Water

Cagayan, Misamis (as Cagayan de Oro in the island of Mindanao, the Philippines, was then known) got its first whiff of World War II when a B-17D bomber crash landed at the Cagayan Airfield (site of the present Patag Golf Course) on 14 December 1941.

Raul Ilogon, whose father Jesus ran away from their home to join the guerrillas at the tender age of 17, tells how the latter used to tell them how he saw the wounded airmen from that B-17 near their house.… Continue reading... “The story of that B-17 that crash landed at Patag in 1941”

Guerrilla Raid on Talisayan

22 March 1945

One of the most unusual guerrilla operations in the Philippines during World War II was the guerrilla raid on Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, which was conducted with the assistance of the US Navy to eliminate and wipe out the Japanese garrisoned at this key objective.

Amphibious in nature, the operation involved guerrilla units of the 110th Infantry Division, 110th Division United States Forces in the Philippines (USFIP) with an original strength of 200 men but which rose to 350 when a call for volunteers was issued.… Continue reading... “Guerrilla Raid on Talisayan”

Honoring Kagay-anon Patriots of World War II

Memorial Day in the Philippines

On May 25, 2020, the United States celebrates Memorial Daya federal holiday dedicated to honoring and mourning military personnel who had died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Previously observed on May 30, it has been officially moved to the last Monday of May since 1971, purportedly to allow people to enjoy a long weekend (sounds familiar?).… Continue reading... “Honoring Kagay-anon Patriots of World War II”