What’s New Babu?

Everyone’s favorite Babu is back!

The first Moro-themed and inspired restaurant in Cagayan de Oro opened in April, 2019 at the ground floor of Saavedra Building (Vines Pension House), Yacapin corner Aguinaldo Streets, Barangay 32, Cagayan de Oro City, just across Wilshire Inn and 110 meters from Masjid Oro Jama-ah along Aguinaldo Street.… Continue reading... “What’s New Babu?”

Cucina Higala Celebrates Grateful Fifth

Cagayan de Oro’s signature restaurant of Mindanao Heritage Dishes is five years old, and looking forward to more decades of furthering its cause to bring the Culinary Patrimony of the island to the rest of the Philippines and the world.

During a simple program and lighting ceremony of the restaurant’s Christmas tree commemorating the event, Jan Michael Uy, president and CEO of the TFC Group which owns and manages Cucina Higala spoke of their gratitude in reaching the milestone.… Continue reading... “Cucina Higala Celebrates Grateful Fifth”

Mysteries of that Quaint House along Sayre Highway, Bukidnon

Malaybalay City, Bukidnon –  Travelers along the Sayre Highway going from Malaybalay to Valencia and vice versa have long been curious about this mysterious house at Barangay Cabangahan near Bancud, with its man and animal sculptures and baroque architecture.

According to Levi Ann Pacana Babas, contrary to popular belief, the house was actually built in the late 1950s and was originally called “Casa Alegre”, though it has long been known to residents as “Torre ni David”.… Continue reading... “Mysteries of that Quaint House along Sayre Highway, Bukidnon”

The Malasag Indigenous Driftwood Sculptors of Cugman

The Malasag Indigenous Driftwood Sculptors showcase their individual pieces, with their trainers from the Banglos Community Artists

Sometimes serendipity can lead you to paths you never dreamed you would be passing through, but the future often holds surprises which more often than not, exceed your expectations.

Thus, when Smart Telecommunications began the process to secure the Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) from the Higaonon community in Sitio Malasag, Barangay Cugman in Cagayan de Oro to renew the lease on their cell site located within the tribe’s ancestral domain, it triggered what has turned out be a most rewarding experience for both parties involved in the transaction.… Continue reading... “The Malasag Indigenous Driftwood Sculptors of Cugman”