Seven Seas Waterpark celebrates La Naval de Manila

Valor of the Kapampangans, Blessed Virgin’s Miracle

There’s an oft forgotten chapter in Philippine History that deserves to be remembered by the following generations of Filipinos not merely for  the valor shown by the defenders of the Islas Filipinas against the Dutch invaders, but even more so for the Miracle of Our Lady of the Rosary in saving El Pueblo Amante de Maria (The Nation in Love with Mary) in a miracle certified by no less than the Vatican. … Continue reading... “Seven Seas Waterpark celebrates La Naval de Manila”

This Week in World War II History: Angeles L. Limena, Soldier-Priest

Angeles Labrador Limena was born October 2, 1899 in Sorsogon, Sorsogon. He was christened Angeles by his parents since his  birth date fell on the Feast of the Catholic festival of the Guardian Angels.

He went to study in Sorsogon to be a priest, but before he was ordained he left to join the armed forces in Manila where he was accepted into the Philippine Constabulary.… Continue reading... “This Week in World War II History: Angeles L. Limena, Soldier-Priest”

Melvin Lachica: Opening Doors to the Future for Oro’s Designers

Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I live for opening doors for the young generation of creators. If we do nothing else with our success, let’s open up some doors.”– L.A. Reid

The world of Haute Couture by its very nature, has often been marked by creativity at the highest level, and cut-throat competition among the world’s leading designers constantly striving to outdo each other with their high quality, expensive, unusual fabrics sewn with extreme attention to detail, crafted by a team of most-skilled artisans and craftsmen.… Continue reading... “Melvin Lachica: Opening Doors to the Future for Oro’s Designers”

Historical Trails aims to boost awareness, domestic tourism in Northern Mindanao

History isn’t always top of mind for domestic tourists, that many even remain unaware of the historicity of places in their localities. But that may soon change, at least in Northern Mindanao.”

The Northern Mindanao Historical Trails Committee is now taking an inventory of historical places in Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental, to set up historical markers highlighting their significance in local history, and to improve access to these places with improved road networks.… Continue reading... “Historical Trails aims to boost awareness, domestic tourism in Northern Mindanao”

Todo na Two HelloCDO

Cagayan de Oro’s Lifestyle Show marks Two

By Tito Mike

Cagayan de Oro’s premier online Lifestyle Show celebrates its second anniversary this month with the tagline “Hello CDO Todo na Two!”

What started off as a one-off concert to help people in the production and events industry who were adversely affected by the pandemic, has metamorphosed into an all-encompassing lifestyle show covering unique aspects of all people’s lives.… Continue reading... “Todo na Two HelloCDO”

A Vineyard for EveryJuan

The Vineyard, Amaya View, Indahag Hills, Cagayan de Oro City

Pilipinos have traditionally known grapes as a harbinger of the Christmas season, since it is usually in the last quarter of the year when they become a common sight not only in supermarkets, but even on the sidewalk stalls.

However, in the last decade or so, more and more local farmers up to big conglomerates have taken up grape farming which has made many varieties available more often, not only for consumption, but also for farm tourism.… Continue reading... “A Vineyard for EveryJuan”

Across the Continents : Healthy and Tasty Mediterranean Gourmet Foods

A week ago I was coming back from a business trip in Barangay Indahag, coming down the road at Upper Macasandig when we decided to drop by the newly opened Mediterranean Gourmet Foods.

It’s easy to find, at the ground floor of the EJM Building in Maandig Avenue just next door to the now shuttered Kambingan sa Buena Oro eatery.… Continue reading... “Across the Continents : Healthy and Tasty Mediterranean Gourmet Foods”

XU Press pursues its mission into the fringes of Mindanao

Bringing in the written word from the peripheries

In pursuit of the Jesuit mission “to reach out to people beyond their frontiers” in Mindanao, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan’s (Xavier Ateneo) XU PRESS presents itself as an “alternative press” for the Mindanao-focused writings, research and literature, which would otherwise would not have been published by the country’s “Manila-centered” publishing industry.… Continue reading... “XU Press pursues its mission into the fringes of Mindanao”

A Tale of Two Sibling Queens

Seven years is a long time in the country’s highly competitive beauty pageants, but that’s the time it took the two youngest siblings of a family of ten  to attain the unprecedented feat of ascending to the pinnacle of the Miss Cagayan de Oro beauty pageant.

In its latest edition held August 27 at a local mall,  April Angelu Gamaya Barro, 2representing Barangay Canitoan was crowned Ms.Continue reading... “A Tale of Two Sibling Queens”

Xavier Ateneo’s Dedication Day to the Blessed Mother for the New Masterson Campus and CLI Manresa Township

Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan held a Dedication Day to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the XU Masterson Campus and Manresa Township on September 8, 2022.

“Today, we recognize that the Campus of the Future is a gift from God to Xavier Ateneo, to us, a gift that needs our collective effort to make it happen, to make it stand right on this site,” said Fr.… Continue reading... “Xavier Ateneo’s Dedication Day to the Blessed Mother for the New Masterson Campus and CLI Manresa Township”