A young guerrilla’s eyewitness account

Defending Dipolog April 1945

The Battle of Dipolog is an interesting study of World War II in the Pacific Theatre, because not only was it a small scale showcase of the American armed forces joint operation tactics to retake its Philippine territories from the Imperial Japanese Army, featuring close coordination not only between the US Army, Navy and Marines but even more strategic, how the intelligence on the ground and support from local Filipino-American guerrillas contributed to the eventual victory.… Continue reading... “A young guerrilla’s eyewitness account”

Cagayan de Oro’s Square Garden

70th Adlaw Kagay-an Feature

Did you know our pre-Spanish Kagay-anon ancestors once had their own version of the famous Madison Square Garden?

Gaston Park was known as the Parque before World War II. (Kagay-an Kaniadto)

Present-day Kagay-anons will be proud of the fact that they share a common bond with their 15th century forefathers-they all have, at one time or another, taken a stroll along our local square.… Continue reading... “Cagayan de Oro’s Square Garden”

The Forgotten Fruit Trees of Cagayan de Misamis

Himugso Heritage Feature

Along with the old houses, street names and landmarks which have become a part of the heritage of Cagayan de Oro, are some trees and their fruits which seem to have inexplicably disappeared over time.

Two trees which have figured prominently in the culture and heritage of Cagayan de Oro are the Lambago and Kayam.Continue reading... “The Forgotten Fruit Trees of Cagayan de Misamis”

Building inclusive ‘cashless’ ecosystems critical as gov’t accelerates digital push – PayMaya

Providing a complete and inclusive way for Filipinos to transact with government online through ‘cashless’ ecosystems is critical as the government accelerates its digital push in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, an executive from digital financial services PayMaya said recently. 

“Everything is going online, including government services, but we have to ensure that every Filipino is able to continue transacting with government and receive much-needed aid through cashless ecosystems that are pervasive and at the same time inclusive,” said Orlando B.Continue reading... “Building inclusive ‘cashless’ ecosystems critical as gov’t accelerates digital push – PayMaya”

The story of that B-17 that crash landed at Patag in 1941

Come Hell or High Water

Cagayan, Misamis (as Cagayan de Oro in the island of Mindanao, the Philippines, was then known) got its first whiff of World War II when a B-17D bomber crash landed at the Cagayan Airfield (site of the present Patag Golf Course) on 14 December 1941.

Raul Ilogon, whose father Jesus ran away from their home to join the guerrillas at the tender age of 17, tells how the latter used to tell them how he saw the wounded airmen from that B-17 near their house.… Continue reading... “The story of that B-17 that crash landed at Patag in 1941”