Region X posts PH Highest Growth in Government Spending among regions in 2019

Region X posted the highest growth in government spending in 2019 among the Philippines’ 17 regions at 19.2 percent, an acceleration from the 11.9 percent growth in the previous year.

Government spending in the region amounted to P 94.31 billion in 2019 contributing 3.9 percent to the total government spending in the country.

Meanwhile, household final consumption expenditure (HFCE), which shared 55.8 percent of the total spending in the region, was the top contributor of the GRDE growth. HFCE contributed 2.9 percentage points to the GRDE growth of 5.9 percent.

Region X ranked third in terms of share of spending in Gross Fixed Capital Formation in Breeding Stocks and Orchard Development at 9.9 percent amounting to P39.98 billion.

 Moreover, the region ranked second in terms of share of spending in Valuables reaching P 0.24 billion, equivalent to 16.5 percent of the total national spending in Valuables.

Real per capita HFCE grew by 3.8 percent, lower than the national growth of real per capita HFCE at 4.4 percent. The real per capita HFCE in the region recorded at P 97,939 in 2019, which was 74.9 percent of the national real per capita HFCE.

The Gross Regional Domestic Expenditure is the sum of all the final uses of goods and services by residents of the region in the domestic territory, including the residents’ expenditures in other regions and the rest of the world.