The People Management Association of the Philippines Cagayan de Oro Chapter has a new president following a year in which they were adjudged the PMAP’s 12th Chapter of the Year in 2020.

In a virtual ceremony during the chapter’s 14th General Membership Meeting and 44th Induction Ceremony held via Zoom on Feb. 10, 2021 Outgoing Chapter President Josette B. Cellona, RN, turned over the symbolic gavel to Incoming President Gina Maris M. Libot, AFPM, CTRS.

Libot is the Principal HRBP/Founder of Emerging Business Solutions, a Cagayan de Oro based business and human resources management and development services provider, providing high-quality value-adding services in the area of Human Resource, Finance and Management.

She is an experienced Independent Human Resources Consultant with a demonstrated history of skill in HR Consulting, Employee Benefits Design, Personnel Management, and Executive Search. She has 22 years experiences as an HR professional focusing on real estate development, hotel industry and business service outsourcing.

Gina Maris M. Libot, AFPM, CTRS. 2021 PMAP CDO Chapter President

“I have been in the human resource management profession for 22 years – the same number of years I have been a member of PMAP-CDO. For the past 22 years, this organization has provided me the opportunities to mold my career in HR,” Libot said in her acceptance speech.

“From managing human resources in several companies in the real estate, hospitality, BPO, distribution and trading industries all over Cagayan de Oro to establishing one of the first HR consultancy and business solutions company here in the City, PMAP CDO has blessed me with mentorship, professional growth, and leadership growth.”


“Leading this premier HR organization will indeed be a challenge, especially in the midst of the pandemic, and I have big shoes to fill. I am filled with confidence knowing that I am joined by the newly inducted, dynamic 2021 Officers and Board of Trustees in taking on this leadership. I am confident that we will be able to accomplish our goals and objectives for 2021,” she added.

In her inspirational talk as the event’s guest speaker PMAP National President Angelina N. Mukhi, FPM, offered her vision in the call for PMAP on Higher Ground.

Angelina Mukhi, FPM, PMAP National President

Mukhi said this vision is captured in three aspirations: Transform for Growth. Recreate HR. Uplift People.

To achieve these aspirations, she identified the following 4 Core Strategy Areas: Global Mindset with a Local Focus; Reinvent HR; Invigorate Members; and Nurture Humanity.

“Globalization is a reality. Our world has changed dramatically. In our virtual world, boundaries are falling away. We must think global, while we advance HR practices and sustain advocacies In our local communities,” Mukhi noted.

“PMAP will lead in educating about and supporting innovations in people management. We will seek to expand the HR eco-system while championing ‘People First* in the triple bottom line of organization performance.”
“We will empower our members through our advisory services, support for business recovery and enrichment of personal networks. In PMAP, we can find life-enhancing friendships.”

“Not the least, PMAP will affirm the essence of our humanity and build an environment of achievement anchored on an inspiring vision. We recognize our diversity and look forward with hope for a better future. Together. we must act with courage and passion for growth, excellence and service.”

“PMAP on Higher Ground will inspire our internal dynamics in the association, guide our thoughts and be a constant criterion for action. This ideal is apt for the times,  powerful if brought to life and relevant as we rebuild,” she stressed.

Libot said the National PMAP vision for 2021 will be the CDO Chapter’s guiding principle as it moves forward to making this year productive.

“Together with the newly elected Officers and Board of Trustees, we will ensure that PMAP-CDO remains true to its mission of advancing the profession of human resource management, providing a venue for networking, and molding socially responsible people managers. To achieve this vision, our mission is simple: #TogetherWeCan Learn, Grow, and Make a Change.”

The past year has taught us that our inability to be together physically does not limit our capability to learn together. Digital platforms and resources have allowed us to continue to share our knowledge and expertise among each other. The uncertainty in our times will no longer hinder us from advancing and growing as members of the HR profession.”

“This year, we will take PMAP to a higher ground by creating avenues for members to LEARN more about the HR profession, even during these uncertain times, by utilizing technology in its maximum capacity.”

She said these avenues include organizing programs and trainings led by experts in the HR profession from all over the Philippines and overseas that would be accessible for all members, wherever they may be.

“#TogetherWeCan Grow –As HR practitioners, we are leaders in our own rights. We lead in managing/ our organizations’ most important assets – its human resources. As such, we need to invest not only in our professional growth but in our personal growth by developing our leadership skills and interpersonal skills.”

“This year, we hope to breed new leaders in PMAP-CDO who will take our organization to a higher ground not just in the present but in the many years to come. Together, we will create opportunities for PMAP members to challenge themselves and take on leadership roles within the organization and to expand their networks and alliances.”

“Harnessing this leadership and influence, #TogetherWeCan Make a Change. HR practitioners are already at the forefront of organizations and companies in managing and relating to the workforce or human resources; we are in the best position to see and know the policies to uplift and empower the workforce. We hope that this year, PMAP-CDO will become one of the leading voices in policy-making relating to people management. We will work on strengthening our relationship with our partner companies and organizations, our local government, as well as other government agencies to make this all possible.”

“But true to our mantra of #TogetherWeCan, all these goals will only come into fruition with your support and commitment. The challenges of these times may keep us apart physically, but we will remain as one through our goals of taking this organization to a higher ground.”

“2021 is our year to move forward with stronger spirits. We remain standing and  unbroken, victorious over all the stress we faced last year, courageously facing the continuing uncertainties of this year,” Libot exhorted.

Besides Mukhi, the virtual event was also graced by Immediate Past President Louisa Mila V. Echevarria, Past President and Former DOLE USec. Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez, PMAP Executive Director Rene Gener, PMAP National Trustee Michael Godinez, PMAP Mindanao Trustee, Dr. Marisol Tiu, Assistant Regional Director Estrella Pahalia, PMAP CDO Chapter partners from SSS, Pag-Ibig Fund, Philhealth and Department of Trade and Industry, PMAP CDO Chapter Past Presidents, outgoing 2020 Officers and Board of Trustees led by President Josette Mercedes Cellona.


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