Some 120 automotive technicians recently graduated from Toyota Cagayan de Oro’s training institution, a big boost to expanding the city’s pool of trained industry personnel.

The Toyota Cagayan de Oro Socio-Economic & Environmental Development Inc. (TCO-SEED) held its 10th Commencement Exercises for six batches of Automotive Servicing NC1 technicians (Batch 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18) with the theme: “Embarking on the Journey of a Thousand Possibilities” on March 14, 2024, at the Toyota Cagayan de Oro (CTO) Showroom along C.M. Recto Avenue, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City.

“Now more than just becoming an automotive technician, you also know how to do your own business, you also know how to stand to become your own boss, or proceed to expand your skills and knowledge further with more trainings,” said Dr. Nancy U. Ramirez, TCO 1st Vice President & TCO-SEED School Director in her welcome address.

Dr. Nancy U. Ramirez, TCO 1st Vice President & TCO-SEED School Director.

“However, while we will always be here to support you in any way we can, your future lies in your own hands, and it is you who will have to decide and act on what you want to be in the future,” she added.

Graduates of the TCO-SEED in Iligan have undergone the USAID 2.0 Scholar Program funded by the Bank of America through the Education Development Center (EDC) where they learn topics e.g. Be Your Own Boss, Higher Education Readiness Orientation, 21st Century Skills, Financial Management, Alternative Learning System, Pathway for Orientation for Youth, Work Based Learning, and Blue & Green Economy Seminar.

In recognition of the importance of partnership between industry and TESDA, Toyota Cagayan de Oro and TESDA Misamis Oriental Provincial Training Center signed a Memorandum of Agreement with TESDA Region X Regional Operations Division Chief Austolio V. Igot, Misor PD Marigold Cherie Garrido, Misor Provincial Training Center CDO (PTC CDO) Administrator Ramon Pacana, and TCO-SEED School Director Dr. Nancy U. Ramirez.

Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement.

This collaborative effort aims to bolster the delivery of quality Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs in Northern Mindanao, bridging the gap between industry needs and skilled workforce development.

By forging partnerships with key industry players like Toyota Cagayan de Oro and advocacy-driven organizations such as Kaya Na Youth, TESDA seeks to provide students with relevant skills and knowledge aligned with the demands of the industry and other sectors.

Under the terms of the MOA, TCO commits to providing technical expertise, equipment, and resources necessary to enhance the training programs offered by TESDA PTC-CDO. This collaboration would enable students to gain hands-on experience and exposure to industry-standard practices, thereby increasing their employability and competitiveness in the job market.

For their part, the Kaya Na Youth Organization pledges to support activities, advocacy campaigns, and community engagements aimed at promoting the importance of technical vocational education and empowering youth to pursue careers in skilled trades.

The collaboration will mark as a significant milestone in the effort to provide accessible and relevant technical vocational education to the youth of Northern Mindanao. By working together with industry partners and advocacy groups, more opportunities will be created for skills development and economic empowerment in the region.

The signing was witnessed by Dr. Johnny U. Lu, TCO Group Senior Vice President; Mr. Eric M. Uy, TCO Group Vice President of Operations, and Ms. Nice Danika Omictin, TCO-SEED School Supervisor, Jouie C. Tabilin and Engr. William M. Loreto, Senior TESD Specialists of PTC-Cagayan de Oro,

In her inspirational message to the graduates, TESDA Misor Provincial Director Marigold Cherie Garrido pointed out how lucky they were to be trained an graduated from the only Class A Certified Training Facility in Northern Mindanao ensuring they received the highest standards of training.

TESDA Misamis Oriental Provincial Director Marigold Cherie Garrido,

“In addition, the TESDA National Certificate that you receive will be life-changing for each one of you,” she stressed. “It opens opportunities for you, especially in countries like Australia, where skills standards are appreciated with higher salaries compared to academically trained graduates, even those who already finished their graduate studies.”

Aside from their Certificate of Completion, graduates also receive a Certificate of Participation in Mental Health, and Safety & Health. National Assessment passers will receive a Certificate of Competency.

TMP Scholarship Awardees

Toyota Cagayan de Oro Group Scholarships for Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology with 5 years employment were awarded by Dr. Johnny U.  Lu, TCO Group Sr VP; TCO Group EVP & TCO-SEED School Director Nancy U. Ramirez and Toyota CDO Group VP for Operations Engr. Eric M. Uy to the following graduates:

Seigfred H. Olaer (ATS NC1 Batch 15), Dazel Lehi C. Pagaspas  (ATS NC1 Batch 13), Richjhon Nolly C. Jabla (ATS NC1 Batch 13), Gerard B. Barrun (ATS NC1 Batch 17), Junner L. Avendanio (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 16), Lynmar C. Fabrua (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 16), Richard B. Ponce (USAID Batch 3/ATS NC1 Batch 16).

Mine Heart Pasco (ATS NC 1 Batch/ATS NC2 Batch c), Alfred M. Ortega (USAID Batch 1/ATS NC1 Batch 18), Albhenor A. Ali (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 17), Jhon Simon B. Nacalaban (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 17), Jhon Lester A. Mojado (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 17), Kaizar Jon A. Martinez (USAID Batch 2/ATS NC1 Batch 14), Jericho C. Abainza (USAID Iligan Batch 1/ATS NC1 Batch 17), Mark Lester M. Maglinao (USAID Batch 3/ATS NC1 Batch 17), and Clyde Martin S. Mabao (ATS NC1 Batch 17).

Raquel Villamor (USAID Iligan Batch 1) and Ronie Famador (USAID Iligan Batch 1) were also awarded TMP Scholarships but were unable to join the commencement exercises.

Toyota Motor PH Full Scholars with Dr. Johnny U. Lu, Dr. Nancy U. Ramirez (center) and Ms. Nice Danika Omictin (leftmost, standing).

Also featured were personal testimonies of the following graduates on their TCO SEED training experiences: Seigfried Carl H. OlaerRichjohn Nolly C. JablaDazel Lehi C. Pagaspas, Anthoniel C. Branzuela (Batch 13), Alex O. Azarcon, Jr. (Batch 14) and Rheysha P. Lee (Batch 17).


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